Raise Your Penis IQ!!




April 16, 2022





Listen up, penis brain…

Yes, I am actually talking to the brain inside of your penis.

See, what most men get wrong is that they think their limp D comes from low testosterone or lack of blood flow.

In reality, ED comes from a weak neuropathological link between your penis brain and your brain.

Now I know you might be asking, “what the fuck is a penis brain?”

Well, it’s really just a funny name for your erectile nervous system.

And inside your erectile nervous system lies the dorsal penile nerve.

This dorsal penile nerve is your key to thicker, harder, and up to 15% bigger erections.

If you’re suffering from E-D and want to FINALLY be able to please your lady night after night and get back the erections you had when you were 18…

Then strengthening the connection between the dorsal penile nerve and your brain is the only way to get your hard-on back.

This is awesome because strengthening that connection doesn’t require any little blue pills, surgery, penis pumps, or hypnotherapy.

All it requires is a simple trick in the WAY you prepare for sex.

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