Instagram: Last year posed a situation that strengthened the cause of new-age marketing channels over the traditional mediums refusing to innovate. This pushed brands and companies to new platforms and newer promotion tools within the track itself. No matter what industry you are in, your company must have an online presence in this digital and mobile-obsessed world.

Over the last decade, social media witnessed a shift in its approach, tools, and offerings that are becoming essential marketing avenues today. Social platforms have evolved from just being pure network building where people keep up with their friends to a platform where a consumer engages the most. This led to a shift in how and why people use social media. Long gone are the days where people are getting their daily dose of news from TV or newspapers, and now the internet has become a significant source of information. This shift in social behaviors poses opportunities for marketers to pave ways of interaction for brands with their target customers. Here, the primary goal of a brand is to make sure that users are scrolling through their content and seeing their brands online. Any business must adjust to the changing landscape and utilize the new and evolved interaction opportunities smartly.

The power of social media

One of the features to be added to one of the largest social media platforms globally is Instagram Reels, a valid path to create, discover and share short-form video content. Reels add to Instagram’s array of video formats, along with the 15-second story videos, one-minute videos posted to the grid, and the long-duration videos accessed through IGTV. Reels allow you to record and edit 15 to 30 seconds videos with custom audio, filters, and effects. Seeing the surge, famous personalities, content creators as well as brands have taken to it creating their content or campaign through Instagram reels.

If reels aren’t in your business plan, you need to rework your marketing strategy. In today’s digital world, where things are changing fast, and trends explore overnight, keeping up with customer expectations is crucial to your brand’s success, mainly if your target audience includes GenZ and millennials.

It is essential not to forget the aspect of creating content; posting informative content is a great start. It can help you position your brand or spokespersons as an expert on that subject, becoming an industry voice on the topic. Give your followers knowledge on how to better their use and implementation in the segment that your brand falls in. For instance, a make-up brand should do tutorials’ reels using their products with their in-house expert. This provides multiple brand awareness opportunities from consumers getting an in-depth user manual, creating a sense of desire to reach a new customer base if promoted right away.

Jump on a trend or start a new challenge

The inspiring Reels, like the ones that can kick off a trend or challenge, work well among the audience. Online challenges have taken social media by storm as these are well-accepted by the audience and are extremely popular.

One of the most successful ways to increase brand awareness, especially for small-sized businesses, is to collaborate with Instagram influencers. It is always a great idea to connect your audience with the influencers they look up to. Thus, creating content and partnering with influencers could be another way of leveraging reels as it attracts the customers.

Social media is about attracting new customers and keeping up with the existing ones, expanding and growing. Your Instagram handle should look consistent across your posts in-line with your brand voice, helping followers recognize your brand and you quickly. To keep appearing on your audience’s explore page, make sure you generate relevant content for your target group and make the best possible impression from Instagram’s latest updates and features.

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