Best Room Heater In India

Best Room Heaters in India: Whether you want one for your home or office, a room radiator can be the additional lift your home requires to keep things warm and hot.

The ideal room warmer for you will rely upon the size and sort of space you need to warm. To assist you with recognizing the correct room more generously for your home, we’ve gathered together audits of 2021’s absolute best models.

Whatever your necessity, you’ll track down the Best Room Heater In India choices underneath.

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List of the Best Room Heater In India 2021 – Top Brands

  • Orpat Room Heater
  • Usha Room Heater
  • Havells Room Heater
  • Crompton Room Heater
  • Bajaj Room Heater
  • Maharaja Whiteline Heater
  • Zanibo Room Heater
  • V Guard Room Heater

We have discuss more information about all brands one by one following below:

1. Orpat Room Heater

Orpat Room Heater
Credit: Orpat

With summer making a graceful exit, it is time for winter to move in. If you live in an area where the winters are chilling, then what you need is a good heater. There is no better choice than this fan heater by Orpat. An attractive feature is the minimal amount of time taken by the heater to warm your room. It also consumes less power, allowing you to save on and lower your electricity bill.

Orpat is a leading name in electrical appliances. This heater from the brand is a small room heater and a spot heater.


  • Ideal for Small/Medium Room
  • Can be Used as Fan
  • 2 Heat Setting Knobs
  • Cord Winder Facility

2. Usha Room Heater

Usha Room Heater
Credit: Usha

Enjoy the whole winter with a range of cute and stylish room heaters in the morning with Usha. Focusing on the “Rishton Mein Garamhat Le” theme, our heaters are equipped with the best range of technologies and features to dissipate heat in your home and life.


  • Twin Turbo Design
  • 2 speed fan options: Low and High
  • Adjustable Stand for Height Adjustment
  • Easy Carry Handle for Portability

3. Havells Room Heater

Havells Room Heater
Credit: Havells

Havells heater features a PTC Ceramic heating element which provides faster, safer and energy efficient heating. Moreover, its oscillation function helps in delivering multi directional heating. For safety reasons, it’s made in a way that if the PTC fan heater falls/tips over accidentally then it switches off automatically. Havells PTC fan heater comes with a dust filter that prevents dust from entering the product and can be cleaned from time to time. It also ensures overheat protection as it switches off automatically if the heater is overheated. Its plastic body remains cool during the functioning, to avoid any mishaps.


  • Cleanable Dust Filter
  • PTC Ceramic Heating Element
  • Tip Over Switch
  • Oscillation
  • Safety Over Heating Protection
  • Adjustable Thermostat

4. Crompton Room Heater

Crompton Room Heater
Credit: Crompton

We are one of the leading consumer companies in India with a 75+ years old brand legacy. As of February 2016, we are an independent company under professional management and have 2 business segments – Lighting and Electrical Consumer Durables. We market our products under the “Crompton” brand name in India and select export markets.

Check out and buy insta comfy portable room heater from our latest collection of room heaters exclusively now online in India at the best price.


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • PTC fan heater for quick heating
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Built in safety features and noiseless operation
  • Power: 900, 1600 and 2400 watts; Operating voltage: 230 volts

5. Bajaj Room Heater

Bajaj Room Heater
Credit: Bajaj

While everyone enjoys a respite from the heat during winters, the biting chill can be a challenge in itself. Bajaj Room Heaters help you keep the chill at bay with our wide variety of room heaters that range from Oil-Filled Radiators (OFR) and Fan/Blower to PTC and Radiant Heaters. Bajaj Room Heaters are ISI approved, and have a host of safety measures in place to help prevent any potential mishaps. These incredibly safe heaters come with a 2-year warranty and wattage of up to 2500 W. So if you feel the need to turn up the heat this winter, try a Bajaj Room Heater!


  • ISI approved
  • Available heat settings
  • Do not disturb option
  • 2-year warranty and wattage of up to 2500 W.

6. Maharaja Whiteline Heater

Maharaja Whiteline Heater
Credit: Maharaja

Winters are the most awaited season without a doubt. Everyone loves you snuggle under the blanket and experience a cosy-day offs. There is nothing better than having a sip of coffee, reading your favourite book and arranging your winter’s special wardrobe. With all of this, you will surely need a home comfort appliance i.e. room heater that will keep your room warm and cosy in the winter season.

An electric room heater is a cost-effective way to win the battle of cold and bring warmth in the chilly days of winters. Room heaters are the best option to keep your room temperature comfortable.

Maharaja Whiteline Room Heater has a powerful heating technology that keeps your room warm for all day long during chilled winters.

7. V Guard Room Heater

Credit: V Guard

Make your winters warm and cosy with RH2QT-1000 Room Heaters from V-Guard. Designed to deliver matchless performance, this elegant and compactly designed and best prices.

If room heaters are your idea of increasing cosiness and comfort during winters, then look no further than the V-Guard RH2QT-1000. This new kid on the block is elegantly and compactly designed to blend in with your room’s decor. It has technology that heats the room faster and without noise. Dual heat setting of 400 watts and 800 watts gives you the control to make the right heating choice for your room. The V-Guard RH2QT-1000 also comes with automatic tip over protection to make sure that the heater turns itself off in case of it tipping over.


  • Automatic Tip over protection
  • Compact and elegant design
  • 400/800 watt heat settings
  • Faster Heating
  • No Noise

8. Zanibo Room Heater

Zanibo Room Heater
Credit: Zanibo

Zanibo room Heater comes with a 2 heat settings (1000W/2000W). It comes with 100% copper winding motor and has a Heat Resistant body and has a safety Mesh Grill.It can also be used as fan.


  • Tip-over Switch available
  • Overheat Protection
  • Maximum Power Consumption up to 2000w
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Here, Complete explain Best Room Heaters brand one by one…

Benefits of Using a Room Heater – Winter’s Love

Reasonable: Room radiators are sensibly estimated and reasonable to buy. In addition, you can set aside on establishment and power costs since room radiators require practically zero arrangement or establishment and they can get a good deal on your present warming bills.

Compact: Room radiators are effectively versatile and can helpfully be conveyed starting with one room then onto the next. Assuming you are purchasing a room radiator for your home, you will actually want to pick compact models that are truly simple to just get and move around.

Safe: Room radiators are intended to be protected. The greater part of them have an enemy of tip switch that will make the radiator turn off assuming it detects it is presently not upstanding. Assuming that the warmer uses fuel for power, it might likewise have a low oxygen level sensor. This will guarantee that the warmer turns off assuming the oxygen level in the room turns out to be excessively low.

Calm: Most room radiators use convection flows or brilliant hotness to give warmth. This guarantees that they are practically quiet while they are on. This will permit you to utilize them in your room or elsewhere where you want a calm climate.

Flexible: Whether you are searching for a room radiator that is equipped for warming a little space or a huge room or require an infrared or oil occupied room warmer, you will forever observe a radiator that is appropriate. There is a lot of decisions with regards to the various types of warming techniques that room radiators use and you can likewise browse an assorted scope of shapes, sizes, and plans.

Powerful: Even however room radiators are somewhat little, they offer a shockingly enormous measure of hotness, and you will observe that even the most versatile of room warmers can be very successful with regards to warming your home.

Controllable: Most room warmers accompany a manual or computerized indoor regulator that permits you to control the fan speed, the heading of wind stream, warming force, and so on This permits you to save energy while as yet warming the space to the temperature that you want.

benefits of room heater


Depending upon your requirements, it is critical to search for a room warmer that is amazing yet not very uproarious, reduced and compact so it tends to be utilized in different rooms. In particular, the wellbeing of the room radiator ought to be the top concern. We picked the previously mentioned room radiators in light of all of that.

Assuming that you can’t track down the correct room radiator for your home here, head over to Amazon to peruse the store’s broad assortment.


Which type of room heater is good for health?

Oil-filled heaters are a viable option for patients with respiratory disorders, although they’re about 10 times more expensive than the most basic rod heater. Oil-filled heaters have pipes filled with oil. The air doesn’t dry out because it’s passing over hot liquid oil to soak up heat.

Which room heater is best for winter?

Best Rated Room Heaters To Keep You Cosy During Winters:

  • Havells OFR 13F Oil Filled Room Heater. ₹10333₹17475(41% Off)
  • Usha 3002-QH Quartz Room Heater. ₹1250₹1630(23% Off)
  • Orpat OEH-1220 Room Heater. ₹1065₹1150(7% Off)
  • Bajaj Blow Hot Room Heater. ₹1759₹2299(23% Off)

Does the heater reduce oxygen?

Humidity and Oxygen levels: Radiance and Oil filled room heaters burn oxygen to make the room warm. … In short, fan heaters and infrared heaters reduces the the oxygen levels and humidity.

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