Bald Guy Cuts Off Scalp Skin And Fixes Hair Loss


Folital- Hair loss Treatments: You won’t believe what they found inside this guy’s bald spots.

So this is insane, I warn you…

This guy started balding like crazy for 6 months and he went nuts because of it. He didn’t know what to do, doctors were absolutely clueless.

Bald Guy Cuts Off Scalp Skin And
Fixes Hair Loss

He had zero history of hair loss disease in his family and yet…

He was balding as fast as a racehorse running on a track. He was lost. He wanted to kill himself.

Until he went to see Dr. Robert Cyrus.

Now this doctor is crazy, you know what he did? He cut open his bald spots with his own knife! And took a sample out of it and then did the most mind blowing thing.


He found the reason for hair loss and you won’t believe where this bastard has been hiding all this time.

Deeeep, deeeep, very deep inside your skin, deeper than your hair follicles.

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It was crazy, researchers thought all this time the reason for hair loss has to do with hair follicles but I kid you not, it has now been proven that it’s actually right a 10th of an inch below the hair follicles.

You have to see his findings, he included the solution inside.

Apparently he only lets 200 people every day to download them so please hurry…

Looks like hair care scammers are not really happy about their profits being turned to dust.

But hey… these things happen all across America!

You and I are just lucky to have found this thing that actually fixes hair loss.

Here, Folital Clinically proven natural formula that targets the root cause of hair loss and allows your hair follicle to generate new hair.


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