The #1 secret to squirting


I’ll tell you the secret to squirting in one word.


The right timing is essential to a woman’s maximum pleasure.

The truth is a woman can squirt, even without a guy.


She just has to release her bladder a little.

Squirting is made up of a little bit of pee and some vagina fluid from a woman’s prostate. (Yes, women have their own version.)

The trick is to time her squirt stream to coincide with a mind-blowing g-spot orgasm.

Make her squirt
Yes, that’s the secret. It’s the combo that creates a feeling of ecstasy in a woman.

And if you’d like to discover for yourself how to do that, then check this out:

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Once you get started, squirting will be like the weapon all superheroes have.

Thor’s hammer. Captain America’s shield. Iron man’s suit.

You get the picture.

Just hint to a girl you’re the man to do it and you’re in. 😉

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Go for it, because after 1000 copies sold in just a few days, Marcus is yanking his masterclass down.

You owe it to yourself, you owe it to your manhood, to see how learning how to make a woman squirt can enhance your sex life.

Single or married, it doesn’t matter.

You just gotta try it. Just once.

–> Get the “Squirting School” Masterclass

Squirt Master

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The #1 secret to squirting


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