Lost 49lbs On Her 3-week: A genius Brazilian doctor has recently leaked the hidden formula of an Amazonian drink that goes directly to the root cause of ugly deep fat…

And activates one powerful, little-known mechanism we all have… 

That is able to melt away all that stubborn fat from your body.

Anna Monroe, an accountant from Florida, dropped 49 lbs in only 3 weeks with ZERO exercises, no diet, or shady pills.

Lost 49lbs On Her 3-week

Anna before                              Anna 3 weeks after

Learn more about the Amazonian Tonic to shed 10 lbs every week.

One thing to keep in mind: Drink this Amazonian tonic before 12 am to speed up the process.

In fact, some folks are losing even 15 lbs per week with no extra skin issues.

>> Just have a quick sip before 12 am to get rid of unwanted lbs

Here, Floralite is a dietary supplement containing units of pure, alive and active microbes designed to nourish your gut, making you lose fat incredibly fast.


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