Told there was “no solution� to his neuropathy, doctor discovers one


Nervexol Nerve Support Formula: From the Desk of Iaso Nutra Group Founder, Kristen:

Nice to meet you…

BEFORE I start… I’d like to share my heartfelt compassion for you while you’re experiencing nerve pain. I’m very sympathetic because I’ve suffered from Neuropathy for 11 years…

Hi, my name is Kristen. I am the co-founder of Nervexol with my husband, Adam. We’re a family-run business with a passionate team committed to helping you ‘get your life back’ to feeling normal again and completely pain-free.


My passion for helping you comes from my personal story…

Shortly after we’d had our first child, Neuropathy turned my life upside down. By the time of our 2nd child, the pain was so severe with non-stop pulsating pain shooting up both legs.

Doctors couldn’t help and the side effects of pharmaceutical options seemed horrific. I could no longer work or live a life like I was used to.

I felt as if I was failing as a mom and a wife…and my life simply seemed doomed.

It was at this point my husband, Adam, set out to find a natural solution. After thousands of hours of research and working with a team of experts to create a recipe that works… Nervexol was born.

These days I can honestly say… I have my life back and live virtually pain-free!

I’m back working full time, exercising every night, and being a great mom to our beautiful kids…even skating out on the rink with them and playing hockey every Saturday in the winter.

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My wish for you is this… That Nervexol works for you, just like it does for me, and over 1,245 other happy Nervexol customers.

To your good health,


Here, Nervexol supports, nourishes, and strengthens the nerves and the nerve linings and drastically decreases numbness and tingling in hands and feet.

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